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David Dubnitskiy Photo

David Dubnitskiy

” I live and work in Dnipro, Ukraine. Commercial photography and teaching master classes around the world. I try to show the real, natural feminine beauty in my photos, to show the sexuality and grace of a woman in simple everyday situations, without bright clothes and make-up. In one or several photos I can often “tell” a story, sometimes with a plot and humor. I almost never use models for my photos, trying to work mostly with ordinary girls whom we constantly seeing on the street and at work.” – David Dubnitskiy

Duong Quoc Dinh photography

Duong Quoc Dinh

Duong Quoc Dinh is a Vietnamese artist and also an art photographer who is passionate about painting and drawing. He likes to paint since childhood. In 1989, he completed his undergraduate studies in industrial graphics at Dong Nai Art University. After working as a photographer, Duong Quook has received many national and international awards for his work.

Marc Lamey photography

Marc Lamey

Professional French photographer located in Paris France. With a strong Inspiration coming from Music, Marc focuses mainly on Portraiture Photography, Fashion and on implementing beauty into cityscape; Marc loves portraits ; Staging the beauty of a woman’s face and bright colors, and we begin to enter his universe.

La Calva photography

La Calva

”Good photos are made when the voyeuristic ideas of the photographer can be reconciled with the exhibitionistic tendencies of a model” La Calva

Paolo Lazzarotti photo

Paolo Lazzarotti

My name’s Paolo Lazzarotti, I’m 43 and I’m lucky enough to live in a small village very close to some of the finest italian places like Cinque Terre National Park, Gulf of the Poets, Tuscan countryside and a wild coast line where I took some of my finest and awarded sea shots.I moved my very first steps in Photography when I was 19 with a compact film camera given by my father. I loved this gift a lot and I’ve started to look at the world around me in a different way.

Dmitry Laudin photo

Dmitry Laudin

Dmitry Laudin was born in Moscow in 1968. In 2007, he became a professional photographer. As he says, he uses the possibilities of digital photography, computer image processing, and love to show the beauty and harmony of nature and women.

Mike Darzi photo

Mike Darzi

'' I am a photographer from Israel. I shoot nude art photography all over the world. I have shoot models in Paris, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, Berlin and more. My photos are published in trade shows, commercials, books, catalogs, etc.'' - Mike Darzi

dmitry borisov photography

Dmitry Borisov

'' The main style I work in is ART PHOTOGRAPHY. I apply here unique artistic techniques. And — SENSUAL PORTRAIT. Here I like to show natural beauty of a model and her inner senses. Such photos remain sought-after and eye-catching for viewers for a long time. The main criterion is queerness and creation of beautiful able to inspire and amaze the viewer. '' Dmitry Borisov

Nikolas Verano Photography

Nikolas Verano

Erotic, beauty and fashion photographer. Nikolas Verano’s a professional photographer based in St. Petersburg focused on commercial and advertising photography, catalogues, fashion, calendars. In a more personal level, he shoots erotica. He is also a very ingenious person, who’s able to create astonishing photo artworks. I leave you with some of the photos I saw on his website.

Dan Hecho photography

Dan Hecho

Dan Hecho Is the winner of the „National Russian Photography Award 2011“ in in the nude genre. He won several international prizes and was the first to take part in the finals of the international Photoshoot Award NUDE 2013/2014/2015/2016. He has the unique author’s handwriting in photography, his work is always easy to find among thousands of others. A distinctive feature is a special vision of color, light and art performances. Main directions of activity in photography: art-projects.